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TIBOL lobit radio (episode 9
November 24, 2011 09:44 AM PST
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In this wonderful special episode of Tibol, the wonderful popular host: DJ Madam Adam is back up in the air! this time Madam Adam spins an exclusive mix of very popular music in a even more popular low bit rate.
It hits the popular edges of drone, ambient and the finest noise in town.
all blend together in a very fine excellent mix that takes the listener to another galaxy and beyond. So completely chill out and enjoy the love in this popular show! Next to the great mind blowing mix of popular music this show also contains a very exclusive interview with the great artist Flat Affect!

2 Lee Rosevere - Lights On The Moor
3 Pollux - -30 is hot
4 Rainbow Valley - Antisolar
5 Covolux - the sleepless (night 2)
6 Microbit Project - Far Limit
7 Holden - nothing in the end
8 Pollux - Circle (All is Ice version)
9 razxca - gre vers 2
10 Cannibal Gluttoness - a soul cries out
11 Graffiti Mechanism - db
12 mono syntax - path
13 basinski drone corps - maid in heaven
14 Flat Affect - Untitled
15 atarix - naked nerve player
16 RedSK - trrrrtttktkttrr Four

interview with popular artist: Flat Affect

we hope you enjoy the show!

more info:

TIBOL lobit radio show (episode 7)
October 22, 2011 02:38 AM PDT
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TIBOL is a radio show completely dedicated to lo bit music,
their artists and the lobit netlabel scene.

in episode 7 Neil Jennings (www.disketteetikette.tk) debuts as the host and serves the listener a great tasty meal of lobit goodies in a whole spectrum of genre-bending-mind-blowing genre's.
from drone to ambient, from chiptunes to floppy pop!
next to this great music giving you a exclusive eargasm,
there is also a very nice exclusive interview with Rainbow Valley.

So please sit back, fasten your seat-belts, stand up, open up a bottle,
put up the volume & enjoy!

1. Flat Affect - Abduction (8kbps, 1.09) from 4m@100 - V/A - Floppy Compilation (2010)
2. Obsolete Broadcast Systeme - Great Cosmonaut (16kbps, 5.08) (unreleased)
3. razxca - Employted (0.58, 32 kbps) from 20kbps 2007-2008 compilation
4. DJ conductiON - Dance Hell (48kbps, 2.03) from Doomdub EP, on NAHC (2006)
5. Overthruster - Crucial Youth Anthem (64kbps, 3.35) from Lakefield, Minnesota on dex and the City records (2007)
6. Pussykillers - Save Floppy Disks not Animals (2.29) from Sex, Drugs and Floppy Disks on Dex and the city
7. Goto80 - Real Raw Rave (5kbps, 2.25) from goto1993, on Floppyswop (2007)
8. McFiredrill - Grumpy Remix (16kbps, 1.09) From Error Bear on 20kbps/Floppy Killers
9. Toxic Chicken - Musique concrete (16kbps, 2.14) from Floppy Pop, on Floppy Swop (2009)
10. Flashbob - Badger's Boogie (48kbps, 2.08) from floppy swop (2010)
- Interview pt.1 –
11. Rainbow Valley - Ascension Bridge (8kbps, 5.41) from Rainbow Valley/Diu Pii split floppy disk, self released (2011)
12. EugeneKha - Deep Minimalism in 8kbps (8 kbps, 3.30) from All Stars of the 8 kbps Sound on Microbit records (2008)
13. Hertzcanary - Bounce to the Park (1kbps, 1.05) from Whµ Do Birds Sing So Gaµ on 20kbps records (June 2011)
14. Microbit Project - Kadaka (48 kbps, 3.27) from the Lowbit 2010 boxset on Microbit Records (Feb 2011)
- Interview Part 2 -
15. Cryovolcano - Nenah (3.04, 128 kbps) (from 007 on Rejected, 2011)
16. Pollux - Suicidal Birds (2.09, 16 kbps) from Riot from the Sky, Diskette Etikette Rekords (2010)

TIBOL lobit radio show (episode 6)
October 09, 2011 10:26 AM PDT
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TIBOL lobit radio show with your host DJ Madam Adam!

notes by Madam Adam:
This is another installment
of the world-famous
Tibol Lobit Radio program!!!

This program features
various beat-based work
from a wonderful selection
of artists and netlabels
and covers nearly
the entire spectrum
of lobit encoding properties.

As with all tibol radio programs,
we also have an interview with
a seasoned (or new!) lobitter,
providing us with valuable
insight as to what it truly
means to be a lobit artist
during a time when higher
bitrates are the norm.

It is my sincere wish that
you, the listener, find
great joy in listening
to this program.
It was a pleasure to produce
yet another Tibol Lobit Radio show smiley

endless respect:
+toxic chicken
+origami repetika
+Microbit Project
+all the artists featured in this program
+and anyone who's ever released a lobit album!!



Track 1 |Piancente & De Angleis |Ruta de Luz (path of light) |http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/Piacente_and_De_Angelis_-_La_hora_de_color_violeta-(20k307)-2010.zip |
Track 2 |Butchre Sleeve |Kernspin |http://www.dramacore.com/dramacore074.zip
Track 3 |c4 |vgtbl+garden |http://kellerloch.org/rel/kl_011_c4_-_DEMOSCENE_ADDICTION.zip
Track 4 |The Wizard Rises |Four |http://proc-records.net/upload_music/%5Bproc200%5DVarious_Artists_-_BAD_SECTORS.zip |

Track 5 |The Poetize Code |Cloud Bass |http://proc-records.net/disks/%5B4m@075%5Dthe_poetize_code_-_sky%20floop-disk.zip |

Track 6 |Microbit Project |The First Contact (OGG version)|http://gorehole.org/abuliaConcepts/releases/abulia_44_firstcont.zip |
Track 7 |Celtic Rhythm |Metalcut |http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/Celtic_Rhythm_-_Min.Cutz-(20k185)-2005.zip |
Track 8 |fUICIDE |Tech tech |http://ia700300.us.archive.org/0/items/Fuicide-TechTechtotf010/01TechTech.mp3
Track 9 |Vera.tech |Urban Decay |http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/Vera.tech_-_Urban_Decay-(20k218)-2007.zip
Track 10|Sascha Müller |Morgenstund |http://www.archive.org/download/8R033/sascha_muller_morgenstund.zip
Track 11|Qygen |gXX-XeY-XQn |http://proc-records.net/disks/%5B4m@047%5DQygen_-_I_AM_IAMS_HAMSTER_HAM_FEED_ZOH.zip |
Track 12|The Poetize Code |Beat From Elemental Life |http://proc-records.net/disks/%5B4m@075%5Dthe_poetize_code_-_sky%20floop-disk.zip |
Track 13|Piacente & De Angelis |Constelación (Constellation) |http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/Piacente_and_De_Angelis_-_La_hora_de_color_violeta-(20k307)-2010.zip |
Interview With
Adam Sigmund

TIBOL lobit radio show (Episode 5)
July 08, 2011 02:55 AM PDT
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TIBOL lobit Radio show.

a very special episode featuring music released on Diskette Etikette records, a fascinating interview with Neil Jennings (the label owner of DER) and lots of lobit audio goody's for the whole family!


1 Toxic Chicken -robots in outer space (unreleased / microbit records)

2 unknown - bling3snip (floppyswop)

3 the pussykillers - drugs drums and tetris (dramacore)
from the album
the pussykillers - game over motherfucker!

4 overthruster - dead rabbits apocalypse (dramacore)
from the album
overthruster - i'm glad you're back

5 syncretic - break recover repeat (microbit records)

6 big sugar victorious- sticky viscous gel (20kbps)
from the album
big sugar victorious - high adventures at lo fidelity

7 Harry Belafonte - archive.org is gay (stars in rehab)
from the album: harry belafonte - tali mi banaana

8 Pollux - Co² Is Out (20kbps)
from the album
Pollux - Music Is My O²

9 Emotti ON - Don'top (dramacore)
from the album
Emmoti ON - Monofixation

10 Sascha Müller - Krankenhaus Traxx 5/5 (Diskette Etikette Records)
(from DER015: Sascha Müller - Krankenhaus Traxx)

11 Asksihesh - Sjswi (Unicode music)
from the album
Askshihesh - Yert

12 Fm-Ra - YouAreTheLight (Diskette Etikette Records)
from the floppy:
Fm-Ra - Timeless (DER003)

13 Fabio Rosho - noivilbo (Diskette Etikette Records
(from DER011: Fm-Ra/jjoth/Fabio Rosho/Darkslider - Impossible Worlds Remixed)

Interview with Neil Jennings of Diskette Etikette Records

in the background:
14 Graffiti Mechanism - A (Diskette Etikette Records)
(from DER019: Graffiti Mechanism - send-ROM-files)

15 Microbit Project - Japan Park
(from DER010: Various Artists - Now That's What I Call Retro-Futurism Vol.1)

second part of the interview with Neil Jennings of Diskette Etikette Records

16 Consistency Nature - Descend to Heaven (Diskette Etikette records)
(from DER022: Consistency Nature - Within the Finite)

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